Success is a state of mind

Socialwise is the first messaging app designed to help you excel in every aspect of your life

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Start communicating in a healthy way

It does Not create addiction

You won't be checking your phone at all times. The App is designed to let you choose when you want your messages delivered to you.

It does Not create anxiety

Because people will know when the messages are delivered to you, you won't need to worry that someone is missing your reply.

It protects your self-esteem

There is no feed here. You don't need to show any image of yourself more than your profile picture - if you want.

Phones should be a tool, not an addiction

We protect your data: you are the client and not the product.

Start communicating in a healthy way:

With Freedom

You don't need to communicate how other platforms push you to do it. Here you can personalise your communication the way it makes you feel better.

Spend the minimum time

You will spend only the time that you want. We don't incentives you to stay any longer. We don't sell your time for ads.

Forget never ending conversations

The messaging system is not designed to force you to have never ending conversations with people - unless you want.

Take control on how you communicate. Take control of you life.

When you are in control of your communication you are in control of your time, of your productivity, of your feelings, of your self-esteem, of your life.

Don’t communicate under other platforms rules. Choose your own rules.