Ericeira Valley

The most powerful Mastermind in Europe

Next Wednesday at 14:20h Lisbon time:

Mastermind Guidelines for Maximum Growth and Cohesion:

  1. Who’s it for? Motivated individuals with a drive for both professional and personal growth. We love ambition and the spirit of continuous improvement.

  2. Frequency & Duration: We meet every two weeks for a inspiring session lasting one hour and ten minutes.

  3. Try Before You Commit: Feel free to attend one session as a trial. If it resonates with you, we’d love for you to commit for the next three months. Consistency is key for us; if you happen to miss a session, you won’t get a chance to share your challenges the next time.

  4. Group Size: Keeping it intimate and effective, we limit our group to a maximum of six people.

  5. Sharing & Feedback: Every alternate session, members get a 20-minute spotlight to discuss challenges and seek feedback. We believe in the power of collective wisdom!

  6. New Members: If you’re new, take the first two sessions to share and help. Your time to share will come on your third round, as a testament to your commitment and drive to assist.

  7. Punctuality: We respect everyone’s time. Doors close 10 minutes after the session starts. If you’re late, you’ll lose your opportunity to share in your next round.

  8. Continuous Learning: To uphold our value of continuous learning, each member to either reads a book every two weeks or engage in a paid course. “Learning is the beginning of wealth, health, happiness, spirituality… Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.”

Join us in this journey of growth and collaboration!