The invisible reason why you are feeling lonely and how to fix it

There was a time in my life when I used to feel very lonely, and I didn’t know why.

I rationally knew that I had a lot of amazing friends, and family members, that I love a lot and love me back a lot.

One day these feelings became Very, Very strong…

And suddenly, I had the revelation why I was feeling like this.

I did a “small” change in my life, and suddenly all these bad unjustified feelings of loneliness went away.

The revelation that I had is that this feeling was triggered in my subconscious mind because I was overusing one device that humans are not made to use.

A device that is only about twenty years old, compared to the 2 million years humans have habited this planet.

I’m talking about mobile phones.

I realized that having a mobile phone with me, all the time, was telling my subconscious mind that everybody I knew could contact me, at any single time, but they weren’t doing it.

These people could contact me sometimes and rationally for me it was enough… but that is something my subconscious mind didn’t want or understand.

And the fact that I didn’t own a watch made things much worse.

Everytime I wanted to check the time I went to my phone, unconsciously checking all the time that a lot of people I knew, didn’t contact me.

I left my phone at home and I didn’t take it with me when I was leaving my house, unless it was strictly necessary, and in a matter of 3-4 days, all my feelings of loneliness, like magic, disappeared.

Incredible, right?

In the case that you’re not using a watch to check the time, I recommend you to acquire one to have one less reason to check your phone unnecessarily.

I hope you find this as useful as it was for me.

Let me know your thoughts about this, if you try it, and how you suspect your phone may be affecting your feelings.

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