What I learned after 6 years without social media that magically improved my life

For me this is one of the decisions that has changed my life the most.

And here I will explain you what are the reasons.

  • The first reason it’s obvious, but what happened after I deleted it was quite surprising.

With social media, I was training my mind to think, all the time, about what others will think about me.

I tried for years to stop thinking like this while I was using social media.

But I couldn’t.

And when I deleted social media… I was still thinking like that.

That wasn’t what I expected.

But after 20 days of deleting it, like magic, like a window that was opened in my mind, it was suddenly closed.

My way of thinking was totally different.

I remember being in the street fascinated on how I was looking at things.

I was feeling deep freedom.

I felt I could live my life for me, and for the people that I really care about.

So, if you are using social media, I would recommend to try to use it for the people you care, and don’t think much about the rest.

Will Smith said: “We spend money that we do not have, on things we do not need, to impress people who do not care.”

I think we could say the same about social media.

  • The second reason it’s not obvious, and it’s one of the key to happiness.

On social media we promote the “good life”.

The parties, trips, funny stuff, things that give us more status, make us more attractive…

Some of these things, or activities, are enjoyable, and are an important part of life (if we do it for ourselves, and not because we are competing with someone else to see who has the best life).

But the problem comes when you see this as the main goal of happiness, or meaning in life.

“When I will have this kind of life, I will be happy.”

I think happiness, and meaning, comes from totally different things.

And social media might be confusing you, and pointing you in the wrong direction.

I found that meaning and fulfillment comes from devoting most of your time, and energy, to a cause that you really care about, and that it’s advancing humanity, helping others, or other living beings.

I would recommend you the great book “Happier” by Tal Ben-Shahar, if you want to start reading about this topic.

Now that you know this, you do not need to be confused anymore, and you can start to find your purpose in the right places!

  • And the last reason maybe it’s a bit tough, but I think it’s important to mention it.

I think it’s very hard to achieve your fullest potential when you are using social media in the wrong way.

And I think this for two reasons.

The first one is that to achieve your fullest potential you need to spend a lot of time learning, going out of your comfort zone, growing yourself personally, and professionally.

The time we spend on social media it’s time we don’t spend somewhere else.

And the second reason is that we put a lot of energy in building our social media profiles.

Investing a lot of time, and mental energy, in making pictures, getting likes and followers, instead of putting this energy in building something else real out there.

Working to achieve your potential it is also a source of satisfaction, pride and fulfillment.

Using social media does not have to stop you to spent more time learning, or creating something real out there, we just need to learn to manage it in a different way. 

  • I know social media has its benefits. You can easily know what people are doing, you can conect easily with friends overseas, get validation, dates, increase your status…

For how social media was affecting me, all these benefits are not covering the price I felt I was paying.

I found I could get similar benefits in a different way.

Every life is different, and because of how society works today, it is very hard not to use them.

If you decide to use them, you can choose how to use them. 

You can set your own limits, to be sure you are living your life for youserlf, and that you are building something real, and meaningful to you.

2 thoughts on “What I learned after 6 years without social media that magically improved my life”

  1. Wow after reading this I’m considering to delete my social accounts… What I also find very revealing is that most of the founders of these apps barely use them. Moreover, they limit the use of them to their kids and they encourage them to engage in other more real activites

    1. Albert Grimaldo

      So true Adri! For exemple Steve Jobs didn’t allow their kids to use a smartphone! What we want, and what we need, are different things.

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