Hi. I'm Albert.

In this blog I will share you my learning on how to think about values, how to build a company, and my thoughts about technology.

I'm writing a book with the most valuable things I learn, join the waiting list to know when it'll be available!

I’m a serial entrepreneur, I love building companies, I love its complexity, challenges, winning, and the opportunity that gives me to improve the life of our customers, and also the people I work with.

Another of my passions is learning. I try to read at least 1 book a week. “Learning is the beginning of wealth, health, happiness, spirituality… Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.”

I will explain you my learning about values, purpose, building companies, and what I think about living consciously with technology.

If this blog can help you just a bit, to grow yourself personally and professionally, I will be more than happy.

People are always curious about the companies I'm building

If you are too, these are the ones I'm working on right now

Cornet Barcelona

I wanted to share the beauty of the ‘Sagrada Familia’ with the world.

So we created a collection of glassware inspired by the stain glass windows of the ‘Sagrada Familia’.

After 7 years working on it, I can say that the best thing of all was to be able to work with incredible people. Thank you team for everything.

Specially to Víctor. Amazing friend, incredible person, and a true professional.

And to Cristina, my best sister ever. Your personal growth during your last years have been extraordinary, impressive and I have a deep admiration for you.

El Tribut

After winning a spot in the newly developed Port Olympic of Barcelona, I am opening a restaurant, drawing inspiration from the genius of Antoni Gaudí. 

We will be offering our clients an incredible fusion of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisines. 

Our mission is to make every guest feel like home, enveloped in a warm atmosphere and loving service, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

Thank you guys for your exceptional support and incredible friendship

Your role model, ideas, and inspiration, are what I needed to create this blog. These ideas are thanks to you.

Thank you Uri for giving me the idea to start this blog. And thank you being so authentic, you inspired me to be me and not how I thought I had to be.

Endless thank you, Víctor, for accepting the challenge that gave me the time that I needed to rest, and at the end, start this blog. Your personality, manners and character are a role model to me, thank you for all this as well.

Thank you Frosina for your jokes :), you really made me realize I needed this blog. And thank you for your friendship and those amazing moments in Portugal, it seems we will always keep the record!

They say that great people brings more great people. If I didn’t meet you Guillem, I would have never meet so much amazing people. I feel sooo lucky for meeting you Guillem. Thank you for everything. You are amazing.

Thank you Josep thank you for your unconditional friendship, I feel very safe with your friendship and I know you feel it too. And thanks for inspiring me to use technology in a differnt, that made this journey possible. Thank you.

No words to talk about you Artús! I don’t know if you are my friend or my brother. Thank you very much for your friendship and for promoting the independent thinking regardless what everybody else could think or do. This is also the foundation of this blog.

The machine!!! Adri your discipline and approach to things is (almost :)) always impressive. Also a great example in life of what you give you might receive back. I’m impressed about your skills, knowledge, and how much you have helped me lately. Thank you!

Marc you are bigger than what you look! We just met but what you have taught me is amazing. What vulnerability truly is. It has allowed me to open myself to a level that it would be very hard to achieve just by myself. It’s very rare and special to meet people like you. It was a true pleasure to meet you.

It’s imposible to not miss someone in this list, I feel so graceful to have met a lot of extraordinary people. Unfortunately I can’t go on this list forever. I will create another page with all the people that are also very important for me. For all this people who have been part of my life, thank you for being there.

Thank you family for helping become who I am

Now I’m going to be more personal that what I am comfortable, but I learned that showing appreciation publicly for the people that you care, it is one of the keys for stronger relationship. I hope it inspires you to do the same.

Thank you dad for thinking that it was a great idea to talk about business, and balance sheets, to you 8-year-old son. That build on me the passion for creating companies. I still remember the first book you bought me when I asked for it. You thought I would never read it. I thought it too, but you bought it anyway. Thank you.

Thank you grandma for the freedom, kindness and love that you gave me when I was a child, and I was spending the summers with you. These are the feelings that I was looking for when I grew up, specially the freedom, and that’s one of the reasons I stopped social media, and the person I am today. Thank you.

And of course, thank you mom for giving me your unconditional love. The unconditional love that I felt as a child has given me an inner strength that it’s difficult to explain with words. It has helped me to pursue my own life despite the challenges and difficulties. Thank you.